3D: Stargate


As my education has furthered, design work has appealed more and more, and as we know CGI and digital effects are a real mind blower, especially with its high involvement in today’s filming industry.

I have always been fascinated by its real intricacy, and methods in which to create these great works of art. So naturally Cinema 4D is a path I chose to associate myself, and become a student of the ways of this incredibly powerful program.

This project was part of my involvement with IDM which is a company that supports the Cosplay community in the UK, USA, Australia and across the rest of Europe by designing an extensive range of both physical equipment and special effects, ranging from high quality remakes of hand grenades from the Halo series, precise three dimensional prints of Judge Dredd’s shoulder eagle, to self assembled weapon kits printed in segments for the customer to enjoy creating their fantasy props.

The whole operation started from the stemming of various ideas for brands/foundations to start a vast project being led to the eventual prop being 3D printed. The final outcome of the market research leaning significantly towards the Stargate brand, because of how unique and iconic their props/designs were/are.

The base of this project started out in photoshop, cutting the gates main components from an original design and altering dimensions to the specific sizes for the 3D printers capabilities. The overall plan after completing the projects sections was to move through to Adobe Illustrator because of its superiority and technical advantage over Photoshop, and its easy collaboration with the Cinema 4D software.

After tracing more detailed components to the Stargate using the pen tool and various other tools, the next stage was to import these objects/files into C4D, and extrude these to correct specifications and make the project more a sculpture.

Using the Extrude tool, everything was finally coming together, using coordinate adjustments and varying certain components depth sizes, and playing around this other options, the level of depths between various objects because more realistic and similarities between the actually Gate and my project were becoming more noticeable. After adjusting some thicker paths, to a tube object, for printing purposes, the project was near the printing stage, and we were happy to move along to the completed stage!

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