About me

I am a 22 year old passionate Digital and Social media addict. I have have just graduated from Leeds Trinity University with a 2:1 in Digital and Social Media, and i’m looking forward to embarking upon my career’s journey.
On my university course so far, I have Co-Founded / Co-own Homicidium, which is a university campus game, specifically created for each University, to introduce freshers to life at Uni and its specific facilities and opportunities available there, and to inspire young students to continue on their educational path.

In 2013 I setup my own independent clothing line Sweet Trap Clothing, in which I design all my products, web designs etc for everything involved with the company. I am currently in the stage of expanding the brand into various shops and online communities across the UK. At the moment, the company is based in the UK and remains to sell only to UK customers due to various reasons, however I have really enjoyed being part of my own creation and designing multiple products in which people wear around everyday!


Currently I also co-own two more company’s, one called I2D (in two deep) which is an events company based in my current city Leeds, UK. We plan to use this company to create a brand covering multiple other ideas ( essentially an umbrella company). I2D has been up and running since late 2015, with many events to be planned and evaluated before they hit the clubs across the whole of the UK, and in the future hopefully globally.


Under the I2D brand, Deckheads was born. Deckheads is an online platform, which can really be put in a nutshell as the only online DJ directory in the UK. The platform works similar to that of LinkedIn, it is a way to expose DJ’s to venues/potential hirers and for them to be publicly voted each month for the ‘Top Deckhead’ which will help with companies/labels finding their best local DJ’s for hire!