VoyagAir : Logo Design

VoyagAir CEO came to me with a vision to rebrand the company Logo to improve its fluidity. "As an aviation company, I feel that our logo should represent motion and class" A brief was given verbally to keep the same structure/format as the existing logo, just to improve the use of colour, and to incorporate … Continue reading VoyagAir : Logo Design

Dockleys London Property

Dockleys : Profile Banners

      Founder & Owner of Dockley's London Property contacted me with a request for some freelance creative work. The company was about to move into advertising on Rightmove to further contacts and business. To accompany the expansion, visuals were required to post throughout the website in and amongst several categories in order to draw attention … Continue reading Dockleys : Profile Banners

VoyagAir : Schematic Booklets

As my first project for VoyagAir, I was appointed with some schematic booklets for clients to browse through digitally and inspect aircraft avionics and other dimensions/desirables. Typography was the main aspect of creating these products, as they must include all intricate details to do with the aircraft without overwhelming the reader. Line and letter spacing … Continue reading VoyagAir : Schematic Booklets

Dead Mean

Dead Mean


Fashion Design

In 2013 I was looking to kickstart something that I could be passionate about and create physical products with. At the time I was quite involved in fashion retail working in brands such as Topman & M&Co. I had already started to digitally design various things for small projects in and outside of college, and … Continue reading Fashion Design

GGM : Magazine Design


Fantasy Matte Paintings || Episode 3

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Fantasy Matte Paintings || Episode 2

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Fantasy Matte Paintings || Episode 1

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3D: Stargate

  As my education has furthered, design work has appealed more and more, and as we know CGI and digital effects are a real mind blower, especially with its high involvement in today’s filming industry. I have always been fascinated by its real intricacy, and methods in which to create these great works of art. … Continue reading 3D: Stargate

Deckheads : YouTube Overlay Graphics

Since starting Deckheads meant the company’s promotion tactics, because it is purely an online platform, needed the most links to the website, and multiple ways traffic can be generated to the website, a YouTube account seemed most wise regarding our music industry ambitions. The use of Adobe After Effects was needed to create the beautiful … Continue reading Deckheads : YouTube Overlay Graphics